Book review on Matilda

Matilda is a book about a little girl who knew a lot for her age. Her family didn’t care about matilda they only cared about money . She was very young and intelligent and her mother left her alone in the house whilst she went out. Matilda loved reading , she’d often read the newspaper. But after a while she had run out of interesting things to read so she decided to go to the library on her own whilst her mother was out. The librarian was amazed at how much Matilda knew and how fast she started to read thick books. Matilda asked her parents if she could go to school seen a though she was supposed to have been in school last year. Her parents thought she was too stupid to go to school. Matilda’s parents thought her going to school would be a good way to get rid of her. When Matilda got to school her teacher asked if any of the class knew their times tables , thats when Miss Honey discovered Matilda must have great parents to teach her. But her parents didn’t care much. Every child was in fear with the head mistress Miss Trunchbull. She was cruel,selfish and every child stayed out of her way. If you want to know more you can read the great book. We really liked the book.

mindcraft beginners handbook

If you get the minecraft book it will tell you all about minecraft. If you haven’t got minecraft on a PC or Xbox360 you must get it because it is amazing.In the book there are good tips to know about minecraft There are also some more books about minecraft but I like the minecraft annual 2014.

Book review of Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a really good book and we would recommend it to a friend. Willy Wonka gives his chocolate factory to Charlie. I would give it a 5 star rating and Hannah would give it a 5 star rating as well. I like this book because when I read it I thought it was interesting and fun! Hannah likes it because she thinks it is interesting, fun and exciting. Roald Dahl wrote this book very well. It is my favourite book. It is my favourite book because when I read it I thought it was an amazing book and I like the description.

By Tom and Hannah




Our favourite things about norbridge

Our favourite school trips are The Mill Adventure Centre and Magna Science  Discovery Centre because they were lots of fun. At the Mill we did rock climbing, three activity’s on mother earth and low ropes. At Magna we saw a fire tornado, it looked very nice.

Our favourite  teachers are Miss Williams and Mr Bellingham because they are very nice teachers. Also because they have always helped us when we have been struggling.

Our favourite subject is swimming and P.E. because they are lots of fun.

Our favourite things about norbridge

Our  favourite  school trip was the Yorkshire Wild life Park. Our favourite thing is sports day. Miss Williams is our favourite teacher. The best subject is history and art . The best play was Grease because there was loads of great parts.  We loved the leavers assembly. Mr Huthart is the best head teacher . The best year is Year4 .